Casa da Colina

An inn made for lovers. Lovers of the nature, sky, sun, rain
and of stars... Lovers of the heaven!

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Surrounded by a rich and exuberant nature, our chalets have been assembled to provide our guests all the comfort and refinement they need to relax and enjoy the pleasent climate of the region.

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Common Area

To enable the exchange of experiences between our guests, we provide an area for social conviviality. In this place, you find different forms of recreation to have fun and get into touch with others, thus being able to share the good times that you had in our region.

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Over the years, Visconde de Mauá has developed too much, making it  a popular destination for tourists all over Southeast. Without losing the naturalness, but at the same time using modern technological resources, Casa da Colina preserves rustic characteristics that the small village had some time ago.

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